Reviews and Testimonials

Searching on the web, I found Eunos Automotive very highly rated by other Miata owners. I’m happy to report that Chris does not disappoint. He is knowledgeable, honest, and extremely thorough. He performed a very comprehensive 100,000 km service that included a new timing belt and water pump (definitely due on my 97,000 km Miata), replaced associated hoses, gaskets, and seals, and even fixed a loose fuel filler lid for me. I’m particular about my Miata and I felt they took as much care with it as I do. There’s no corner-cutting here and the shop rates are very reasonable for the level of expertise you get. My little red roadster runs as great, if not better, than it did when it was new. Thanks Chris!

1990 Miata

I have been a customer of Eunos for a couple of years now and it is by far the best automotive shop I have ever dealt with. I have two B2200s in my family and previously owned a Miata. I would never consider going anywhere else for servicing my vehicles or getting custom work done. Chris is extremely knowledgeable; I don’t think he can be stumped! The workmanship done at Eunos is impeccable and his prices are more than fair. If you want it done right, go to Eunos, you will be happy with the great service and work provided by Chris and Peter. I recommend Eunos frequently and everyone that has taken their vehicle in has had a positive experience.
Tony H.

I’ve been a customer of Chris Cullen, owner Eunos Automotive, for the past 5 years and I will continue to exclusively rely on Chris because he knows how to optimize the performance of my Miatas.

I bought my first Miata, a 1991 NA, in 2008 and Chris rejuvenated it. Now I have a new Miata and entrust all mechanical TLC to Chris. He not only keeps my Miata in top running form, but he installed roll bars and cruise control for me. If you have a Miata, I highly recommend Chris.

Steve Hearn

Chris at Eunos Custom Automotive to say the least is a Miata specialist; for years Chris has been looking after my wife’s 1990 Miata, runs great! So impressed with his quality of work and attention to detail I purchased a 1991 Miata that he was building for himself. If you are looking for quality service and excellent advice on any year of Miata, Eunos Custom Automotive is the company to deal with.

Randy Steine
1992 Miata

A great car deserves a great mechanic. I stopped taking my 1991 RX-7 to the dealer when I discovered Chris 20 years ago. He’s been working on RX-7’s since he was a kid and had already figured out everything about them by the time I met him. My car is in collector shape. If you care about your car take it to him.

Paul Murray
1991 RX-7

If you need work done on your Miata, suggest you check out Chris at Eunos before taking it to a Mazda dealer. He knows his stuff and has better pricing. And some of those Mazda dealer mechanics aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Trish C.
1999 Miata

If you need a talented, professional technician with a wealth of experience to look after your car for routine maintenance or performance upgrades I would highly recommend Eunos! The owner Chris is extremely talented, knowledgeable and ensures my car runs as expected and within my budget. I have and will continue to recommend Eunos to other Miata/Mazda owners and enthusiasts!

Mike W.
1994 Miata

I have been taking my 1987 RX-7 to Eunos Custom Automotive since mid 2000 when I was referred by a friend. The work performed, attention to detail and service are very, very good. What sets Chris apart from other good mechanics is that he cares passionately about Miatas, RX-7s, his customers and always works to do the best. I have referred friends to Chris and will continue to do so.

Mike O’Connor
1987 RX-7

I’ve been taking my Mazdas to Eunos for over 10 years. I’m very particular about my Miata and RX-8, Chris is the only other person I’ve met who cares about my cars as much as I do. He’s not happy until they are running perfectly. I’ve had Eunos do maintenance, repairs and upgrades to my RX-8; I don’t trust it with anyone else. Performance, cosmetic and audio upgrades, Eunos has taken care of it all with professionalism and attention to detail. If you have a rotary engine Mazda and you don’t take it to Eunos for service, you’re doing it wrong!


Chris Cullen has been maintaining my 1988 RX-7 for more than 15 years. Even with over 250,000 KMs on it, the car is in better shape than when I bought it in 1995.

Jerry Guspie
1988 RX-7

I have been taking my ’93 RX-7 to Chris at Eunos since around 1997. Since then Eunos has performed virtually all maintenance on the car, and for being a 20-year-old 3rd generation RX-7, it still runs and drives great! Eunos has many years of experience with these cars and really knows RX-7s so can trust that repairs and maintenance are done right, and by RX-7/Mazda enthusiasts!

Steve H.
1993 RX-7

I’ve been taking my 1990 Mazda Miata to Chris from Eunos for over a decade. They don’t cut corners, and their attention to detail is second to none. Those are the sort of things that keep me coming back. They’re certainly not a one-trick pony though; the shop is often filled with RX-7s, Toyotas, heck, even my 1987 Monte Carlo SS. From regular maintenance, to ICBC repairs, to one-off custom jobs or aftermarket part purchases and installation, they do everything, and I can’t imagine taking my cars anywhere else.

Derek L
1990 Miata
1988 323 Wagon Turbo
1987 Monte Carlo SS

I live in Port Hardy, which is 462 KMs (or 7 hours drive time) from Eunos Custom Automotive in North Vancouver. It is worth it to me to travel this far to get the quality of service Chris provides. I have bought parts (e.g., Voodoo shift knob, OEM wind-blocker, high-flow grill guard – installed) and had all my service work, major and minor, done by Eunos since I bought my ’04 Miata. Last visit, Chris did a major service and installed a new stereo head unit and four speakers. The speakers needed custom fabrication for mounting, and Chris stayed after hours to make sure the job was done right in one visit since my time in town was limited. His work is always impeccable, the experience enjoyable – in short, Chris is the only one I trust to work on my Miata.

Frank D.
2004 Miata

I first met Chris Cullen of Eunos Custom Automotive in the spring of 1999. He was then known as the “RX-7 Guy” and was working mainly on RX-7’s out of a tiny shop. I was presiding over the Sea to Sky Miata Club and we were on an annual drive up to Whistler, we had all pulled over for a break at the Chevron in Squamish when Chris approached with his wish to work on other Mazda Vehicles. Since that day he, and later Pete, have been the only people to work on my car. My car is a Mariner Blue 1990 and through some back tracing I was told it was the original press car for Vancouver.

Word soon spread about Chris, his mechanical abilities and competitive pricing. After a few years his tiny shop was getting full and crowded, it was time to move on and Eunos Custom Automotive was born in 2003. Now Eunos works on all makes and models. One day I walked in to the shop and was surprised to see a Lamborghini. I trust Eunos to take care of my car and keep it running as it should. From oil changes, engine rebuilds to complete restorations, Eunos Custom Automotive can do it all and do it well. I (like Chris) am a bit of a perfectionist and I know my car is in good hands.

Duncan Wells
1990 Miata

Third time lucky… thanks to Eunos.

There are a number of ways you can purchase a Miata… I have done them all!

My first Miata I purchased the usual way; I saw one, had to have it and sent out and bought one. I was lucky my 1990 1.6 litre red beauty was low mileage and I did what was common; I started buying everything for my new love. I bought whatever sounded good and tried to install it myself. If that failed I turned to Chris at Eunos Custom Automotive. Why? Like my shopping, I found him on the Internet recommended as THE expert in this market for Miatas.

I brought each of my new finds to Chris and he patiently accepted my requests, sometimes with a knowing smile and did exactly what I asked. My Miata Jellybean soon looked fantastic, but despite “MY” additions rode roughly and performed poorly. Seems I was a slow learner, and just because something SOUNDS great and looks fantastic does not mean it is right for your make, model, or uses of your ride. Again trying to save a dollar and living in Abbotsford I entrusted my baby to a local mechanic for the 100k service; BIG mistake, I saved a few dollars but the mechanic was not versed in the short nose crank shaft issue with early 1.6 litre Miata engines, the effect was a catastrophic engine failure completely destroying my engine. Time for another Miata!

My second Miata was purchased the second way – research! I was much wiser; I thought, did all the research and found Jellybean no. 2, a 37,000 mile 1990 under a blanket in a Vermont garage. Literally only uncovered in the summer for a few drives and put back to bed. Again it was love at first sight and I flew across the country and drove my treasure back fulfilling all cross boarder requirements. A pristine red Miata was once again in my garage.

You remember the part about me being a slow learner, right? I decided that I was not going to waste time, I was going to do all the modifications I ever wanted immediately, because I knew best what I wanted, and of course, I knew best! In short order my dream was in my garage. Chris patiently reinstalled all the goodies from my first love onto my second. Soon I noticed the ride was kind of rough and you know, I don’t think all the stainless steel I had installed helped at all. Jellybean looked like her old gorgeous self and performed like it, poorly!

Unfortunately a missed stop sign lead to her untimely demise. I was heart broken, and who do you turn to when you’re down? Your friends!

My current Miata, Jellybean no. 3, I purchased the third and best way; I asked an expert for his recommendation. This is when I finally turned to Chris at Eunos Custom Automotive. Chris’ knowledge of locally available gems lead me to Jellybean no. 3, a 1994 R-series, I’m in love again and guess what? I did not automatically instruct Chris to add anything salvageable from my last two mistakes. Rather, I asked for his recommendations. Thanks to Eunos, Jellybean no. 3 handles like it’s on rails, is mechanically bullet proof and rides like a dream.

I’m what you call third-time lucky. Despite being a slow learner I finally learned to trust and follow advice from Eunos Custom Automotive. What seems like a cheap, good idea on the Internet rarely is.

I give my highest accolade to Chris and his team at Eunos to assure you are having the optimal work done at a competitive price. Take it from me; I’ve learned the hard way. Eunos just completed Jellybean no. 3’s 100,000 KM service and she has never purred more perfectly.

Denis Dion
1994 Miata

A friend of mine recommended Eunos after he heard my complaints about finding a competent shop with a reasonable shop rate. While I heard of Eunos’ good reputation from both my friend, who owned a Miata, and the Sea To Sky Miata forum about fixing Mazda cars, I was skeptical about sending in my Subaru for a total suspension rebuild.

My skepticism was proven wrong after my first dealing with Chris. There were two incidents which Chris had proven his diligence and competence. First, when I had my suspension rebuild, Chris found one of the wheel bearings was seized. Second, during a regular oil change, he noticed that the air intake filter was clogged. Now, you would say “you’re supposed to check the air intake filter anyway,” but apparently the last shop that serviced my car didn’t bother. Chris for sure is not a guy that values quick turn around over doing the job right.

He is very honest and clear about the warranty policy for customer-sourced parts. When I was sourcing parts on my own, Chris was clear about not being able to match prices. When he gave me a quote for a job and parts, he would stick to the quote. It may not be the cheapest quote, but I know that he won’t screw me when it’s time to pick up the car. I have dealt with BMW, Toyota and Subaru dealership shops and a few independents, and Eunos is for sure a shop that deserves my money.

Daniel C.
1999 Subaru Impreza

I battled an intermittent rough running/stumbling issue for close to two years and finally decided to bring the car to Eunos Custom Automotive to let Chris have a crack at it. It took him a while, but he finally found the culprit, an intermittent issue with the wiring connector to the MAF. It took a thorough investigative diagnosis to find that.

I want to thank Chris and Pete at Eunos for figuring out what was wrong with my car.

1994 Miata